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Zero-hours contracts discussed by Keys

Coonraghyn neu-nhee dy h-ooryn resoonit sy Chiare as Feed

Coonraghyn neu-nhee dy h-ooryn, y lowanse neu-ablid as plannyn son stashoon meoir-shee Ghoolish, v'ad ooilley er nyn scrutaghey sy Chiare as Feed yn laa jea.

Shey feyshtyn ass tree-jeig son freggyrtyn loayrit, v'ad ec Peter Karran, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Skeerey Connaghyn.

Kate Beecroft, e sheshey ass Mannin Libraalagh, hug ish daa eysht elley er yn voayrd.

Chammah as shen, y billey poosey as commeeys theayagh (lhiasaghey), hooar eh yn trass lhaihys echey.

Y billey shirveish slaynt as kiarail ashoonagh 2016, hooar eh yn chied lhaihys echey.

Mastey boiraghyn Vnr Karran. va'n aght va kiarail son y Skeim Ventyr goll er-oi, as traenal sleih ynnydagh son startaghyn-lhee dy chur eddin rish genney obbreeyn.

Ec yn çhaglym cheddin, va Bnr Beecroft laccal feddyn magh beagh scrutaght jeant jeh'n clane vargey-thieys syn Ellan.

David Quirk, Oltey son Skeerey Connaghyn, va feysht echey bentyn da paitçhyn shooyl gys scoillyn, as Ralph Peake, Oltey son Doolish Hwoaie, vrie eshyn jeh'n Çhirveishagh Tashtee row costys y vooadaghey treealit jeh Thie Creelee er ny choardail lesh y Rheynn echey.

Ec yn çhaglym cheddin, hooar y billey cormid y chied lhaihys echey sy Choonseil Slattyssagh.

Chammah as shen, scrutee Olteynyn ram lhiasaghyn jeh'n villey meoiryn-shee (lhiasaghyn), as earroo sloo dy lhiasaghyn jeh'n villey ratçhyn-raad.

Zero-hours contracts discussed by Keys

Zero-hours contracts, the disability allowance and plans for Douglas police station all came under the spotlight in Keys yesterday.

Onchan MHK Peter Karran had six of the 13 questions for oral answer, with LibVan colleague Kate Beecroft tabling another two.

The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Amendment) Bill also got its third reading, whilst the National Health and Care Service Bill 2016 got its first reading.

Among Mr Karran's concerns were progress in preparing the Enterprise Scheme and training local people in medical jobs to help address the shortfall in workers.

Mrs Beecroft, meanwhile, wanted to know if there was to be a review of the entire accommodation market in the Island.

Onchan MHK David Quirk had a question on children walking to schools, while North Douglas member Ralph Peake asked the Treasury minister if the cost of the proposed extension to Broadcasting House had been agreed with his department.

Meanwhile, the Equality Bill had its first reading in the Legislative Council, and members also considered a raft of amendments to the Police (Amendments) Bill and a smaller number to the Road Races Bill.

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