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Women Today listen again: Yulia Chaplina, Erica Slatcher, Anna Goldsmith, Jennie Wheeler

Christy and Sarah were joined in the studio this afternoon by highly acclaimed Russian-born classical pianist Yulia Chaplina, who will be performing this evening at Ramsey Grammar School as part of the Ramsey Chamber Music Series; she came in with Leonard Singer, from the Ramsey Music Society who has organised the concert;

we were also joined by Jennie Wheeler and Anna Goldsmith from the Our Island Team, who came in to tell us about the series of 'illuminating' events they have planned leading up to the close of the initiative of the end of March; you can find out about these final events on their website here and watch the review of the year video we talked about here;

and we heard an extraordinary conversation between Norman McGregor and Erica Slatcher, a remarkable woman who grew up in Castletown but who wouldn’t be alive today, had her life not been spared in the war by one of the most unlikely saviours. The Manx Aviation and Military Museum at Ronaldsway has a copy of the full interview with Erica, which is accessible if people contact by email at airmuseum@manx.net, on FaceBook or on 829294.

If you missed any part of the programme, you can listen again at this link for the next 7 days,