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Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again 16th July 2023

Abbyr Shen Reesht - Say That Again

Sunday, 16 July 2023 - 32 minutes

Ta 'Shiaght Laa' er n'ghoaill toshiaght reesht as ta shin clashtyn Fiona McArdle 'sy chied chlaare, as ish cheet orroosyn daag Nerin, Nalbin as Ellan Vannin, as hie ymmodee jeu gys Steatyn Unnaneysit America. Ta Daniel Quayle ginsh dooin mychione kiaull as kiaulleyderyn as mychione taghyrt ny ghaa ayns 'Kiaull as Cooish'. Ta shin clashtyn Phil Gawne goaill arrane, ga nagh ren eh shen 'sy chlaare hene, 'Goll as Gaccan', agh er yn oyr dy row eh ginsh fockleyn jeh arrane da Simon Clarke as dy row recortys ec Culture Vannin jeh Phil goaill yn arrane shen, v'eh jeeaghyn dy ve cooie. As ayns 'Claare ny Gael' ta shin goll veih thie lheiys gys ruillick, as cuin vees yn traa share dy ve 'sy ruillick agh ayns trimshey ny hoie.

'Shiaght Laa' has made a start again and we hear Fiona McArdle in the first programme, mentioning those who left Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man, and many of them went to the United States of America. Daniel Quayle tells us about music and musicians and about a few events in 'Kiaull as Cooish'. We hear Phil Gawne singing, although he didn't do that in the programme itself, 'Goll as Gaccan', but because he was telling the words of a song to Simon Clarke as there was a recording by Culture Vannin of Phil singing that song, it seemed to be appropriate. And in 'Claare ny Gael' we go from a hospital to a graveyard, and when would be the best time to be in the graveyard but in the dead of night.

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