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New Dark Avenue Film makes waves internationally

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Friday, 19 February 2021 - 18 minutes

Dark Avenue Film had only been in business for about a year when the Pandemic struck. But Isle of Man filmmakers Bethany White and Patrick Crellin didn't let Covid-19 stop them - in fact, they worked out a way to turn Lockdown to their advantage..

They came up with an innovative way to shoot their short 'Endless Summer' which has led to numerous international festival successes for them already. Their recent shortlisting for New York's Socially Relevant Festival, with patrons Martin Sheen and Erin Brokovich, also gives them a World Premiere in March. Christy DeHaven caught up with Patrick and Bethany to find out more (full interview).

Follow Dark Avenue on Facebook, and get tickets to see the screening and Q&A for Endless Summer here

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