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A year in the life of the Financial Services Authority


Sunday, February 16th, 2020 - 52 minutes

This week, bosses at the Financial Services Authority were under the spotlight as they gave evidence, in public, to Tynwald's Economic Policy Review Committee.

That panel is tasked with scrutinising the work of Cabinet Office, Treasury and the Department for Enterprise, as well as some other organisations - including the FSA.

Karen Badgerow and Lillian Boyle – CEO and Chair respectively – spoke about the authority's last year of work to MHKs Chris Robertshaw, Tim Baker and Jason Moorhouse.

As a regulator, the FSA is responsible for reducing financial crime in the Isle of Man, among other things.

The duo spoke about recent campaigns undertaken, public engagement, complaints guidance, vulnerable client groups, plus, a potential expansion of the Isle of Man Post Office MiCard system into basic banking facilities...