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Shiaght Laa 10th November 2022

X Shiaght Laa

Thursday, 10 November 2022 - 25 minutes

Son dhooragh, shoh claare er ny chebbal liorish Fiona McArdle myr red frea ec jerrey yn straih dy chlaareyn y cheayrt shoh. 'Sy chiaghtoo chlaare shoh (ayns straih as shey claareyn ayn!) ta shin clashtyn mychione y scansh jeh Shenn Houney (11 & 12 Mee Houney), as eisht ersooyl lhien gys 'Rhumsaa - Eisht as Nish', son yn chiaroo lioar ayns straih liorish Lioaryn Loaghtan mychione caghlaaghyn ayns ny baljyn harrish ny bleeantyn, soit er shenn jallooyn ayns chaglym Ray Stanfield, lesh co-chaslyssyn soilshey noa-emshiragh liorish George Hobbs as teks liorish Sara Goodwins.

As a perk, here is a programme presented by Fiona McArdle as an extra at the end of the series of programmes this time. In this seventh programme (in a series with six programmes in it!) we hear about the importance of Old Hollantide (11 & 12 November), and then we head off to 'Ramsey - Past and Present', for the fourth book in a series by Loaghtan Books about changes in the towns over the years, based on old images in the collection of Ray Stanfield, with modern photographs by George Hobbs and text by Sara Goodwins.

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