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Shiaght Laa 1st October 2020

Shiaght Laa

Thursday, October 1st, 2020 - 25 minutes

Ta Fiona McArdle chebbal y chlaare shoh, as aynjee ta shin clashtyn mychione yn Arrymagh John Quine reesht veih ughtar lioar noa my-e-chione, Julie Quine. Eisht ta shin clashtyn mychione skeeal ass shennaghys yn Ellan va wheesh graih ec John Quine er, as ta shin feddyn magh woish Allison Fox jeh Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin mychione traa boiragh son Reeaghyn Vannin as ny Hellanyn, as yn aght ren cah nagh row ro scanshoil per se ayns Largs eddyr ny Loghlynee as ny Albinee, va jannoo seose toshiaght y jerrey son yn Ree Magnus as e reeriaght.

Fiona McArdle presents this programme, and it it we hear about the Rev John Quine again from the author of a new book about him, Julie Quine. Then we hear about a story from the Island's history that was such a great love of John Quine, and we find out from Allison Fox of Manx National Heritage about a troublesome time for the Kings of Man and the Isles, and the way a battle that wasn't too important per se in Largs between the Norwegians and the Scots, constituted the beginning of the end for King Magnus and his kingdom.