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Safety guidance needed before driving lessons resume

Photo: Isle of Man Constabulary

"It's not as straight forward as a car share" - instructor

By law, driving lessons and tests can resume from today, but there are lots of safety precautions to consider for teachers and learners alike, an instructor has said.

Government rules have been eased, so motorists can now have up to two people from outside their household in the car with them, which allows for vehicle sharing.

But Mark Halliday, an instructor with 'Go Drive', points out there's more to think about when it comes to driving tuition:

There's also differing guidelines from governing bodies and insurers across the British Isles about what level of personal protective equipment is required.

Mr Halliday says clear advice on what's needed is crucial, before instructors go back to work:

You can listen to the interview below, where Dollin Mercer asked Mr Halliday if he'd been in touch with people who had been learning with him before lockdown: