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Brexit planning needs public input

Feme er cur stiagh y theay er plannal Brexit

Coyrle er billey tayrn magh ayns draght

Ta caa nish ec olteynyn y theay dy chur stiagh ny barelyn oc er yn aght nee yn Ellan stiurey trooid Brexit.

Ren y reiltys lhunney coyrle shey shiaghteeyn er y Villey Tayrn Magh ass yn Unnaneys Oarpagh ayns draght Jelune (yn sheyoo laa jeig Mee Averil), nee goll er ronsaghey ec Tinvaal ny s'anmey 'sy vlein.

Hig cochianglys yn Ellan rish yn Unnaneys Oarpagh t'ayn nish gy kione tra vees olteynys y Reeriaght Unnaneysit scuirr 29 Mee Vayrt 'sy vlein shoh cheet.

Ta sleih smooinaghtyn dy jean y chooish lhiggey stiagh fer jeh ny traaghyn s'boirree dy chaghlaaghyn slattyssagh trooid ny Hellanyn Goaldagh ayns shennaghys ny lhingyn noa-emshiragh.

Lhisagh adsyn as ta sym er goll gys consult.gov.im liorish 29 Mee Voaldyn.

Brexit planning needs public input

Consultation on draft withdrawal bill

Members of the public now have the opportunity to submit their views on how the Island will navigate Brexit.

Government launched a six-week consultation on the draft EU Withdrawal Bill yesterday (Mon 16), which will be examined by Tynwald later in the year.

The Island's current relationship with the EU will end when the UK's membership ceases on March 29 next year.

It's thought the move will spark one of the most turbulent periods of legislative change across the British Isles in modern history.

Those interested should go to consult.gov.im by 29 May.

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