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Cabinet Office risks 'serious over-provision of housing' says inspector

Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee ayns gaue jeh 'ro-chiarail trome dy hieys' as scruteyr

Chris Thomas cur booise dauesyn ren ayrn y ghoaill ayns brialtys

Ta Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee ayns gaue jeh gientyn "ro-chiarail trome dy hieys" ayns Plan Ard y Hiar.

Shen fer jeh briwnyssyn y scruteyr Mike Hurley, ren cummal brialtys mychione y docamad ayns draghtey, ta reaghey ardyn y thalloo son lhiasaghey ayns ayrn yn Ellan as ta'n pobble smoo ayn.

Ta'n tuarastyl echey er ve clouit ny s'leaie na v'eh jerkit, as t'eh goaill stiagh straih dy voyllaghyn mychione cooishyn strateishagh, as imneaghyn mychione ynnydyn er-lheh 'sy phlan.

Va'n brialtys goll er jannoo rish daa hiaghtin eddyr Mean Fouyir as Jerrey Fouyir, as aynsyn va resoonagh mastey troggeyderyn, y reiltys as y theay mychione ny vees treealit.

Ta shiartanse dy vriwnyssyn y scruteyr as moyllaghyn son caghlaa 'sy phlan goaill stiagh: 

•    freayll y najoor t'ayn nish ec ny baljyn sloo mygeayrt Doolish as Connaghyn

•    cur y chooid smoo dy hieyn noa ayns Doolish as Connaghyn, jannoo yn ymmyd share jeh ny ardyn baljagh t'ayn, as magheryn dhoney, as ayns veg agh 'ardyn sheeynt magh cooie' jeh ny baljyn shen

•    jeeraghey er thieys jeh ard-vieys mie-chummit, as y bun-troggalys kiart shen y phohlldal

•    shareaghey Raad Entreilys y TT dy chur bollagh traaght dagh troa liorish 2022

•    cur bun jeeragh er caglieeyn son ny barnaghyn glassey treealit, dy chur shaghey cochiangley

•    jannoo plannyn troailt son lhiasaghey faillee treealit, goaill stiagh pairkal son roaryn, as seyraadyn son caghlaa eaddagh

Ta'n Shirveishagh Polasee as Aa-Chummey Chris Thomas er chur bwooise dauesyn ooilley ren ayrn y ghoaill ayns cummal y vrialtys, as hug eh 'arrym feer vooar' da planneyryn Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee son yn obbyr oc trooid magh.

T'eh gra dy jed sursmooinaghtyn er cur da ny moyllaghyn nish, eisht dy bee caghlaaghyn erbee clouit, roish my vees bout elley dy choyrle.

"Ta treisht orrym dy bee'n plan ayns ynnyd son y tourey 'sy vlein shoh cheet, dy stiurey lhiasaghey 'syn ard boayl ta'n chooid smoo dy leih baghey as obbraghey, cho neu-chramp as shen."

AS CHRIS THOMAS : Ta cooishyn ayn bentyn rish livrey, ta cooishyn ayn bentyn rish yn traa, ta cooishyn ayn mychione vel shin ny dyn feme whilleen ard freillt strateishagh. Shen ooilley er ny hoilshaghey magh ayns 13ss ronney y tuarastyl. Ta'n kiarail ayn dy bee sursmooinaghtyn currit reesht er cur magh y thalloo son lhiasaghey as ymmyd cho leah's vees shen ry yannoo lurg da kione ve currit er nah aa-scrutaght y phlan strateishagh.

Eddyr y daa hraa, chammah's thalloo currit son lhiasaghey chelleeragh, ayns plan yn ard ta kuse dy ardyn freillt strateishagh, ta cur enn er thalloo son lhiasaghey cummalagh 'sy traa ry heet, my vees feme er shoh. 


Chris Thomas thanks those who took part in inquiry

The Cabinet Office risks creating a "serious over-provision of housing" in the Area Plan for the East.

That's one of the conclusions of inspector Mike Hurley, who held an inquiry into the draft document, which zones land for development in the most populated part of the Island.

His report has been published earlier than anticipated, and contains a series of recommendations on strategic issues, and site-specific concerns in the plan.

The inquiry took place over two weeks between September and October, and saw debate among developers, government and the public over what's proposed.

Some of the inspectors conclusions and recommendations for change in the plan include:

•    Retaining the existing character of the smaller settlements around Douglas and Onchan

•    Locating the majority of new homes in Douglas and Onchan, making the best use of existing urban areas, and brownfield sites, and only in 'suitable extensions' of those settlements

•    Focusing on high-quality and well-designed housing, supported by the right infrastructure

•    Improving the TT Access Road to provide for a traffic lane in either direction by 2022

•    Defining precise boundaries for the proposed green gaps, to avoid coalescence

•    Producing travel plans for any proposed employment development, including cycle parking, and changing facilities

Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas has thanked all those who took part in the inquiry process, and paid his 'massive respect' to the Cabinet Office planners for their work throughout.

He says the recommendations will now be considered, then any modifications published, before another round of consultation.

"I hope the plan will be in place for summer of next year, to guide development in the area where most people live and work, simple as that."

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