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MHK caused my resignation - former Tynwald official

Hug oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed orrym mish dy irree ass oik, as eear-offishear Tinvaal

Eear-ard-oltey jeh offish Chleragh Tinvaal, t'ee gra dy ren ee girree ass oik kyndagh rish ymmyrkey oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed ree.

Jirree Marie Lambden ass e startey myr Trass Chleragh Tinvaal ayns Mean Souree, feed cheead as queig-jeig, as ee gra dy row ymmyrkey oltey son Doolish Hwoaie, John Houghton, ny vun jeh shen.

T'ee er hoilshaghey e feanish rish bing-stundayrtyn jeh Tinvaal, bentyn da Mnr Houghton, as eh lhiantyn rish plaiynt noi eck, plaiynt va prowit dy ve foalsey.

Haink yn argane rish, tra va Bnr Lambden goaill ayrn ayns scrutaght sthie jeh obbyr oltey elley jeh skimmee offish Tinvaal.

Ta Marie Lambden gra dy vrish John Houghton y saase-obbyr ayns feed cheead as kiare-jeig, tra, marish Tony Wild, Oltey jeh'n Choonseil Slattyssagh, ren eh cur roish ny barelyn jeh'n oltey elley, barelyn va prowit dy ve foalsey ayns feed cheead as jeih.

Dooyrt ee dy dug Mnr Wild leshtal dy tappee.

Eisht hug Cleragh Tinvaal Roger Phillips ronsaghey-smaght elley fo raad, noi Bnr Lambden as co-obbree. Ny-yei shen as ooilley, hayrn Mnr Houghton y lhiassagh er-ash, gyn goaill rish dy vrish eh yn saase-obbyr, as gyn cur leshtal.

Chammah as shen, t'ee cur ny lieh yn Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Dooish Hwoaie dy dug eh fysseree neu-chiart as folliaghtagh my e kione da ronsaghey bentyn da paart jeh ny co-obbreeyn eck.

Ta Bnr Lambden gra dy voddagh ee goaill cooish-leigh ayns laue noi Mnr Houghton, son jeeyl hug eh urree dy hurranse.

Bentyn da cur-stiagh politickagh ayns reirey Offish Chleragh Tinvaal, t'ee gra nagh vod y coarys jannoo lesh "lheid y chur-stiagh neu-chooie ayns saaseyn-obbyr sthie."

Ta Mnr Houghton er vendeil ny va jeant echyn son yn oltey jeh'n skimmee.
Y tuarastyl jeh Bing Stundayrtyn as Cooishyn Olteynyn, nee Tinvaal jeeaghyn er shen ny s'anmagh sy vee shoh.

MHK caused my resignation - former Tynwald official

A former senior member of the Clerk of Tynwald's office says she resigned because of an MHK's conduct towards her.

Marie Lambden stood down from her position as Third Clerk of Tynwald  in June 2015, citing the behaviour of North Douglas member John Houghton.

She has highlighted her evidence to a Tynwald standards committee, over Mr Houghton's continued pursuit of a complaint against her, which had been proven to be false.

The clash arose while Mrs Lambden was involved in an internal review of the performance of another member of the Tynwald office staff.

Marie Lambden says in 2014 John Houghton breached procedure when he, along with Tony Wild MLC, represented the views of the employee, which had been disproven in 2010.

She says Mr Wild quickly apologised.

Clerk of Tynwald Roger Philips then started a second disciplinary investigation procedure against Mrs Lambden and a colleague, only for Mr Houghton to withdraw the allegation, without any acceptance he had breached procedure or an apology.

She also accuses the North Douglas MHK of disclosing inaccurate, confidential information about her to an investigation into some of her colleagues.

Mrs Lambden says she could take legal action against Mr Houghton, for damages suffered by his actions.

In reference to political intervention in the management of the Clerk of Tynwald's Office, she describes the system as unable to withstand "such inappropriate interference with internal procedures."

Mr Houghton has defended his actions representing the staff member.

The Standards and Members' Interests Committee report will be considered by Tynwald later this month.

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