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New book for Flashman author

Lioar noa son fer-screeuee Flashman

Ta graihderyn Flashman fuirraghtyn dy jeean rish cur-magh oorskeeal s'jerree liorish fer-screeuee va soit ayns Mannin - chreck eshyn ymmodee lioaryn.

George MacDonald Fraser, ta smoo ard-ghooagh son ny h-oorskeealyn echey, hooar eh baase ayns daa housane as hoght. Agh ny lurg e vaase, ta'n lught-thie echey gra dy vel ad nish er n'eddyn lauescreeuyn noa nagh row rieau currit magh. 

Yn oorskeeal, va screeuit tree feed blein er dy henney, v'eh glast ayns tashtan jeen noi aile ayns e henn shamyr-studeyrys ec e hie ayns Balley Drine. Nish, hed yn oorskeeal er clou. 

T'ad gra dy bee 'Captan ayns Calico' er ny chur magh yn jeihoo laa Mean Fouyir. Ta'n oorskeeal soit er y vea jeh roosteyr-marrey va dy firrinagh ayn, John Rackham.

New book for Flashman author

Fans are eagerly awaiting the publication of a last-novel by a Manx-based bestselling author.

George MacDonald Fraser, most famous for his Flashman novels, died in 2008 - but after his death his family say they've now unearthed a new unpublished manuscript.

The novel, written 60 years ago, was locked away in a fireproof safe in his old study at his former home in Baldrine and will now make it  into print. 

They say Captain Calico, based on the story of real-life pirate John Rackham, will be published on September 10.

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