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New domestic abuse laws brought into force 4 January

Bree currit da leighyn noa er drogh-ymmyd 'sy lught-thie 4 Jerrey Geuree

Bree currit da kiare ass queig ayrnyn y Clattys Drogh-Ymmyd 'sy Lught-Thie

Ta bree er ny chur da slattys noa dy chur rish drogh-ymmyd 'sy lught-thie ayns Ellan Vannin. 

Ta kiare ass queig ayrnyn y Clattys Drogh-Ymmyd 'sy Lught-thie 2020 er jeet dy ve breeoil veih Jecrean 4 Jerrey Geuree.

Myr eiyrtys, ta pooaraghyn leighoil noa currit dy ve ry gheddyn ec ny meoiryn shee as ny quaiylyn dy bee kied oc scughey jantagh magh ass chymmyltaght drogh-ymmydagh.

Bee ablid ec meoiryn shee as ec quaiylyn neesht dy chur ny ta sleih cheet er myr Oardaghyn Coadee noi Drogh-Ymmyd 'sy Lught-thie as Fograghyn Coadee noi Drogh-Ymmyd 'sy Lught-thie.

Foddee Fograghyn goll er cur ass laue kiart ayns shen liorish ny meoiryn shee my vees imnea chelleeragh mychione foays, choud's foddee Oardaghyn goll er jannoo liorish quaiylyn dy choadey dreihyn as sleih er-mayrn lurg drogh-ymmyd rish traa sodjey.

Cha row bree currit da ayrn kiare y Clattys Drogh-Ymmyd 'sy Lught-thie – as sleih cheet er myr Lhiettrymys er Feyshtey-Tessen dy Persoonagh – lesh yn reiltys gra roish nish dy vel yn ard shoh feme tooilley obbyr.

Ta oaseiyrn treishteil ec y traa t'ayn dy voddys ayrn shoh y clattys cheet dy ve breeoil veih'n ouyr mleeaney. 


Four of five parts of Domestic Abuse Act taking effect

New legislation to tackle domestic abuse on the Isle of Man has come into force.

Four of the five parts of the Domestic Abuse Act 2020 have become active as of Wednesday, 4 January.

As a result, new legal powers are being made available to police and courts which will be able to remove a perpetrator from an abusive environment.

Police and courts will also be able to issue what are known as Domestic Abuse Protection Orders (DAPO's) and Domestic Abuse Protection Notices (DAPN's).

Notices will be able to be issued on the spot by police if there is an immediate welfare concern, whilst Orders can be made by courts to protect victims and survivors of abuse on a longer-term basis.

Part four of the Domestic Abuse Act - known as Prohibition of Cross Examination in Person - didn't come into force, with government previously stating this area requires more work.

Officials currently hope that part of the act can become active from autumn this year.

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