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Prescription charges a 'barrier to medicine'

Taillaghyn oardrailys-lhee 'nyn lhiettrimmys da medshin'

Possan-troddan sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, t'ad gra dy bee assee jeant er-jerrey liorish bishaghey taillaghyn oardrailys-lhee syn Ellan.

Shoh kyndagh rish fockley-magh yn çhirveishagh slaynt dy bee yn tailley son gagh oardrailys bishit gys queig punt, as dy bee oardrailyssyn nastee ennagh scryssit.

Ta'n Cohiangley Tailley Oardrailys-Lhee smooinaghtyn dy bee shoh lhiettal adsyn vees feme medshin.

Ta'n co-chaarliagh Matina Loizou gra dy bee eh jannoo orroosyn ta gleck hannah.

Prescription charges a 'barrier to medicine'

A UK campaign group claims increasing charges for prescription fees on the Island will have a detrimental effect in the long run.

It comes after the health minister announced plans to hike the price per item to £5 and scrap a number of free prescriptions.

The Prescription Charges Coalition believes it will act as a barrier to those in need of medicine.

Co-chair Matina Loizou says it will affect those who are already struggling.

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